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It's charming, often funny, and ultimately, profoundly sad.

If you've never heard of Belmondo, who by the way, is one of French cinema's national treasures, this is a great one to start with.

See more » When the clochards reach the car with the policemen inside, one of the chlochards destroys a bottle on the roof of the car, so the roof gets wet and there are lots of glass splinters on it.

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Ultimately, the record of this musical score was not only more successful than its initial release but came to be one of Morricone's bestselling work.

L'Alpagueur is a free-lance spy from the French secret agency.

He's put on the investigation about L'epervier, a serial-killer who employs young boys to help him robbing banks before ...

Jednak w międzyczasie sytuacja polityczna zmienia się i agent zostaje osadzony w więzieniu, z którego ucieka, by wypełnić powierzoną mu misję.

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See full summary » Dressed as a clown, the clever rascal Grimm holds up the most secure bank of Montreal and takes 30 hostages.