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I was vaguely aware that there was an abandoned graveyard here but until today, had no idea that it was connected to the site. There are various graves of nurses, matrons and even head attendants of the hospital, dating from around 1880 to 1950, when I assume the cemetery went out of use.The site is huge and very pleasing to look at- tree-lined paths and a parkland setting.I think there may have been a lot more headstones- we did see a lot of evidence of desecration :( Here's a few digital shots- I took most on 35mm which will be up some time later. Thanks :) I know it's not the most inspiring of subject matters, but I was just stoked to find that there was actually something left of this hospital that hadn't been redeveloped; reading the headstones was very interesting.One of the blokes buried there (can't remember the first name, surname was Huxley) was the brother of Charles Darwin's closest scientific associate; he was one of the first head attendants.Consequently the continued attempts by the tech community to reconstruct erased images are worrisome to more than those who have used Snapchat for sexting.A forensic computing company in Utah has cracked the code on finding and reopening received snaps.Snapchat markets it’s self on more personal one to one sharing.

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If anybody knows the area: opposite the Cherry Tree pub on the Tonbridge Road there are now some new flats.On top of this, there may also have been war rooms for local government, deep shelters either from the WWII or Cold War era, in these tunnels.This makes me wonder if there is actually any access to them- not by the traditional means, but it begs the question as to whether the council have still got ways in, seeing as the network was so large.The mobile app Snapchat continues its atmospheric rise in popularity. The majority of these snaps are little more than silly expressions, breakfast shots or fashion critiques.

The success of Snapchat is built on the idea of sending trivial photo messages to friends without leaving a trace.Currently Decipher Forensics can only discover snaps that have been sent to Android phones but they are working on developing a similar solution for IOS.