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18-Nov-2017 10:25

They call themselves Beta Israel (House of Israel), and have wanted to live in the modern state of Israel since its establishment in 1948.Ethiopian Coptic Christianity incorporates an unusually large number of Judaic practices, including male circumcision, kosher dietary laws, and the Sabbath (which Christians observe on Saturday as well as Sunday).Geographically, the bureau reported that the most Ethiopians — 10,700 people — live in Netanya, while the city with the largest percentage of Ethiopians is Kiryat Malachi, which had an Ethiopian man run for mayor for the first time this year.Despite the destitution, the people of Ethiopia have dignity, even happiness, and they are quite patriotic.Even after the missionaries were imprisoned and expelled, converted Jews continued to preach as lay teachers, and after World War II Haile Selassie welcomed back the exiled Protestant missionaries.

On the right, an anti-Marxist former landowners' group, the Ethiopian Democratic Union, went on a rampage against the Jews in 1978, cutting children's feet off, bludgeoning babies, castrating men, raping women, torturing old people, and selling women and children into slavery.

Archived from the original on November 19, Upon the completion of the program, the graduates are placed in jobs within the Israeli jewelry industry.

The Atid Ekhad party sees itself as the political representative of the community, though other parties include Ethiopian members.

“In traditional Ethiopian society, there were no young single women.”This shifting trend is closely related to changes in educational attainment for Ethiopian women, said Shalva Weil, a senior researcher at the Hebrew University’s Research Institute for Innovation in Education who specializes in Ethiopian immigration.

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Indeed, women represent 66.8% of Ethiopian undergraduates, while women represent 56.5% of all undergraduates in the country.

Kaplan said a second reason for a later marriage age is that “the parents have much less say over when the young people get married.”Taken together, these trends have large demographic implications, because women who marry older have smaller families, Kaplan said.

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