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22-Dec-2017 08:22

Her top is by L' Agence, and we love the flattering draped silhouette, wrap over shape and pretty lace trim.

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Now, what’s sauce for the gander is clearly sauce for the goose, as Kate, hitherto the acme of respectability, seems delighted by her jaw-dropping, ego-boosting liaison with a young man who is — take that, Len Wiseman — a full two decades her junior.Kate, who is 44 next month and who studied modern languages at Oxford, has recently taken to reinventing herself as a leading light in the world of shamelessly sexy selfies. Provocative yoga pose in the kitchen while your pet dog looks up adoringly at your nether regions? Celebrate your daughter getting into college with a picture — not of her exam results but of you with your legs encased around your former partner and father of your child? Her marriage to American film director Len Wiseman came to an abrupt halt just under two years ago in rather humiliating circumstances when he was seen out on a date with an ambitious model two decades his junior.

Characteristically, it has lost favor among homeowners because of the tight landing and immediate stairways leading up and down.… continue reading »

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