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17-Aug-2017 16:36

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But NOW there are reports that Johnny Depp is still sooo smitten with Amber Heard, he's BUILT A BAR in her honor …and that's ON TOP of the beach he supposedly named after her!!! We're sure the sex was great, but would he really go to such lengths if she's made it clear she'd rather get nakie with someone else??? UNLESS she's sending him mixed signals we don't know about, LOL!

A source says he's so intent to tie her down that: Wow Wow Wow Wow WOW! Look, we know we're at the point of reading into this HARD but what else should we do when we hear a story like this!?!

Indeed, Johnny’s still trying to juggle his rock-star side with his stable family-guy shtick with Vanessa — and Amber has no intentions of leaving her girlfriend, Tasya Van Re.

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He’s not only been out late looking wasted at parties in L.

The article tries to make the case that Amber is “not 100% lesbian.” Really: premiere in London, all eyes were fixed on the sexy starlet — including those of her very taken co-star, Johnny Depp. ” And according to an insider, the cozy act wasn’t just for the cameras.